How I Broke This
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We've all had "breaks" in our life path, caused either by our own choices or because, life. Those we see as successful in business and relationships sometimes seem to have it all at little personal cost. But many of them have been nearly broken by bumps in the road, or even messed things up in huge ways. How I Broke This is the podcast about everyone from CEO to student, and their potentially life-altering teaching moments...and how they recovered from those breaks.

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    Mayoral Mishaps & Changing The Culture of Failure - Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve

    Politicians aren't known for candidly sharing their whoops moments, but Reno, Nevada Mayor Hillary Schieve wants to change how we view mistakes. She was recently re-elected as the leader of the Biggest Little City, and she says her first term was not without some stumbles. She says we need to be more open about our failures and recognize that we're all on the same team, trying to do our best.

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    Holly & The Breakdown...Introducing Season One

    As Holly sets out to launch the first true season of HIBT after a 6-episode run in college, she gives listeners a quick overview of what they can expect with the next bunch of shows.

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    The Road to Recovery, Reporter Noah Glick Talks Consequences of Alcoholism

    Being a reporter for an NPR station sounds pretty sweet, and one might think those that make it to that level have it easy. KUNR, Reno Public Radio's Noah Glick tells me about his missteps and struggles before becoming a reporter. And how he almost gave up on life all together.

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    Laughing His App Off After A Fun Idea Fizzled Out, Dr. Todd Sala

    Dr. Todd Sala has a handful of businesses, and most of them are successful. His dental practice is one of the biggest nationwide, and others in his field seek him out for guidance often. But he has had ideas that didn't quite produce that kind of response.

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    Blaire Zika Gave Up A Future And Her Autonomy

    Blaire Zika is now a blossoming artist, but a series of choices prompted by her own biggest mistake almost left this talent hidden as she was paralyzed by fear of others' judgement.

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    Divorce Wasn't An Option For Nicole White, But Became Her Only Choice

    Living a life that fulfilled herself and her cultural expectations, Nicole White got married and was happy. But things began to shift in her marriage and her options to move forward shrank. It was terrifying and the only choice she had left felt like the worst mistake of her life.

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